Closed-circuit broadcasting and recording have become very popular for churches. This allows them to reach any number of people who are not in church during a service. Video recording devices such as DVD recorders allow discs to be made of each service, and duplication devices allow multiple copies to be distributed through a video ministry, or even sold for revenue for the church. There are many options for video recording to a computer, with a single fixed-camera setup or even a multiple-robotic setup with post-production editing capability.

Cameras can be used to upload the services or performances to the internet, or broadcast to a TV or projection system installed in a fellowship hall, kitchen, classroom, or office, and also record the services to a computer hard drive. Multiple cameras can give you the added feature of different viewpoints, and also focus on various other aspects of the service. We can put together a nice video recording and/or broadcasting setup that will perform flawlessly for you while remaining affordable. Here are just a few of the video broadcast/recording equipment brands that we deal with:


-Channel Vision


-Kramer Electronics






Video distribution can get the camera or computer content to various locations in and around the facility. This requires multiple display devices in remote locations, all connected with some cabling and distribution devices. We can explain how all this can work for you, if this is something you may be in need of.

Contact us today to see how we can help you to get your church video system up and running, at a very affordable price.